Potassium good for the  production of fruit and flowers while nitrogen is good for production of leaves

To make organic Potassium feed

take 5-6  banana peels. Cut them up and submerge them in one litre of water  for up to two to three weeks. Then strain out and bottle the water that is all it takes. You now have a litre of plant food rich in use, dilute  50 ml to 5 litres of water. this will increase the yeald of fruit on your plants… fruits, flowers and vegetables. It is even better if you use rain water, because rain contains more oxygen then tap water. When the rain water soaks into soil it helps to release micronutrients in the soil  like manganese ,zinc, copper and iron they are all beneficial for the growth of the root system of the plant .


To make nitrogen feed .

Nitrogen is beneficial for the health and production of leaves .

Gather some stinging nettles cut them up and place in bucket filled with1 litre of water. Make sure they  are submerged. I normally put a brick on top.

Let it soak for 10 days then drain . You  have nitrogen rich plant food.

This is very goog for your leaf plants spinach, cabbage, brocoli, ect .

50 ml to 5 litres of water .


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