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I have always loved gardening; maybe it’s in the blood, because my father was a farmer and we were self sufficient in our food needs…[ aah that brings back memories of our quaint little village in India]

We need to turn to a healthier way, where we can taste and see the difference.   In the past I have, and did use pesticide. Did you know that very same chemical was created for the society who does not have the time to think about what the implications are? I don’t want to insult your intelligence. You and only you should know what’s good or bad for your families well being.

MY DESIRE….  To provide plants and seeds that is totally natural. Untouched by the demands of cheap and cheerful. , People are fooled by major superstores in there endeavour to appease, they offer plants at a fraction of the price because they can do so. I on the other hand want to offer you, plants, seeds and cuttings that have been nurtured with love and affection in the true sense. Plants that I personally can verify are totally organic in their nature, which in turn creates a healthy plant, bearing more flower and fruit.                                           

MY GOAL …. Is to supply you with something that is organic and natural, which in itself will be a happy and healthy plant and in return you will be happy and healthier.

MY AIM…. To listen to you what you want, if you think I am doing something wrong or I don’t have what you want, maybe I can help find it for you  , so please advise me. I truly believe this method will work for all of us. All plants, seeds and supplies will be packaged and posted by my dear partner and myself. I have no doubt in my mind that this passion of mine will succeed. Because the well being of our future generations is in our hands alone.

All photographs that are shown on my web site have been taken by myself in my garden, these photographs have not been air brushed into perfection as some online businesses tend to do.

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