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Welcome to Sow & Reap. Home to organic gardens and free advice. Visit our shop for all your organic plants and seeds in UK. We are proud to use packs that recycled PET material, 90% made from recyclable materials and are 100% recyclable.

About Sowreap

Welcome to SOW AND REAP

All my life I have had a passion for gardening .placing the seed into some soil and waiting…. Isn’t nature wonderful?  For me it’s not the end that is important it’s the journey.

From a piece of tiny husk that brings forth life. That very same seed is what feeds us, sustains us, and makes us healthier, wealther in mind and spirit.  Bringing forth healthier  generations to come  , the whole of god’s creation is complete. Come join me. While this pandemic is ravaging our so called norm; we as the human race have gone against it. It is time to address the balance and return to nature’s way. The organic way. What I have achieved in my method of gardening is total pesticide free. And I want you to join me in my passion.  Let us collectively live a much healthier way of looking at the future.

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